f0r_plugin_info Struct Reference

#include <frei0r.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
const char * author
int plugin_type
int color_model
int frei0r_version
int major_version
int minor_version
int num_params
const char * explanation

Detailed Description

The f0r_plugin_info_t structure is filled in by the plugin to tell the application about its name, type, number of parameters, and version.

An application should ignore (i.e. not use) frei0r effects that have unknown values in the plugin_type or color_model field. It should also ignore effects with a too high frei0r_version.

This is necessary to be able to extend the frei0r spec (e.g. by adding new color models or plugin types) in a way that does not result in crashes when loading effects that make use of these extensions into an older application.

All strings are unicode, 0-terminated, and the encoding is utf-8.

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Field Documentation

const char* f0r_plugin_info::author

The plugin author

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int f0r_plugin_info::color_model

The color model used

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const char* f0r_plugin_info::explanation

An optional explanation string

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int f0r_plugin_info::frei0r_version

The frei0r major version this plugin is built for

Definition at line 350 of file frei0r.h.

int f0r_plugin_info::major_version

The major version of the plugin

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int f0r_plugin_info::minor_version

The minor version of the plugin

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const char* f0r_plugin_info::name

The (short) name of the plugin

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int f0r_plugin_info::num_params

The number of parameters of the plugin

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int f0r_plugin_info::plugin_type

The plugin type

See also
Type of the Plugin

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