Parameter Types

Data Structures

struct  f0r_param_color
struct  f0r_param_position


#define F0R_PARAM_BOOL   0
#define F0R_PARAM_DOUBLE   1
#define F0R_PARAM_COLOR   2
#define F0R_PARAM_POSITION   3
#define F0R_PARAM_STRING   4


typedef double f0r_param_bool
typedef double f0r_param_double
typedef struct f0r_param_color f0r_param_color_t
typedef struct f0r_param_position f0r_param_position_t
typedef char * f0r_param_string

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define F0R_PARAM_BOOL   0

Parameter type for boolean values

See also

Definition at line 377 of file frei0r.h.

#define F0R_PARAM_COLOR   2

Parameter type for color

See also

Definition at line 389 of file frei0r.h.

#define F0R_PARAM_DOUBLE   1

Parameter type for doubles

See also

Definition at line 383 of file frei0r.h.

#define F0R_PARAM_POSITION   3

Parameter type for position

See also

Definition at line 394 of file frei0r.h.

#define F0R_PARAM_STRING   4

Parameter type for string

See also

Definition at line 400 of file frei0r.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef double f0r_param_bool

The boolean type. The allowed range of values is [0, 1]. [0, 0.5[ is mapped to false and [0.5, 1] is mapped to true.

Definition at line 406 of file frei0r.h.

The color type. All three color components are in the range [0, 1].

typedef double f0r_param_double

The double type. The allowed range of values is [0, 1].

Definition at line 411 of file frei0r.h.

The position type. Both position coordinates are in the range [0, 1].

typedef char* f0r_param_string

The string type. Zero terminated array of 8-bit values in utf-8 encoding

Definition at line 437 of file frei0r.h.