Icons for frei0r effects

Icons for frei0r effects

Each frei0r effect can have an associated icon.

Icon Format

The format of frei0r icons must be png. Recommended resolution is 64x64. The icon filename of an effect with effect name "frei0r" must be "frei0r.png".

Icon location

The exact location where the application should look for the plugin is platform dependant.

For Windows platforms, the icon should be at the same place as the plugin containing the effect.

For Unix platforms, the following mapping from plugin location to icon location must be used:

Let <plugin_path>/<plugin> be a frei0r plugin with name <effect_name>. Then the corresponding icon (if any) shall be located in <icon_path>/<effect_name>.png. <icon_path> can be obtained in the following way:

 <plugin_path>                   |     <icon_path>                   
$HOME/.frei0r-1/lib/<vendor>     | $HOME/.frei0r-1/icons/<vendor>    
/usr/local/lib/frei0r-1/<vendor> | /usr/local/share/frei0r-1/icons/<vendor>
/usr/lib/frei0r-1/<vendor>       | /usr/share/frei0r-1/icons/<vendor>
         *                       | <plugin_path>

(The wildcard '*' stands for any other plugin_path)

For other platforms, no location is defined. We recommend to use the plugin path where possible.